Nelson voice: Ha ha!

Raiders fans don’t be mad. Okay, be a little mad, but seriously think about it. Soooooo today marks the official decision of the NFL owners to approve Mark Davis and the Raiders’ relocation to Las Vegas. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right? Damn right, and here’s to the Raiders finding their permanent home… Continue reading Nelson voice: Ha ha!

Free Agency Wars – Rescue Princess Kirk

  Look, I’m not the biggest Star Wars nerd, but if you’ve been alive for the past 15 years you probably know a little about it since society loves shoving it down our throats. Tons of parodies exist out there already so why did the NFL and Roger Goodell decide to pick this year of… Continue reading Free Agency Wars – Rescue Princess Kirk

It’s okay Atlanta (maybe)

To the sad and depressed fan – Do not charge at your TV, that’s going to be another 700 bucks to replace your brand new 55 inch curved Samsung. Yes your team choked, but that’s okay. Because if you’ve paid attention recently, that’s America. Walk through the door to the group therapy session for hard… Continue reading It’s okay Atlanta (maybe)