The Modern Devaluation of Defense in Sports

Defense wins championships. Offense wins MVP. As we near the end of regular season basketball, the MVP of the National Basketball Association becomes more and more clear. Here’s a hint, it’s probably not going to be James Harden. It’s going to be the first guy who’s averaging a triple double since 1962. And he’s rightfully… Continue reading The Modern Devaluation of Defense in Sports

No More Deer Noises, Just Deer Medicine

You know what they say: If you don’t use them, you lose them. Well, at the moment I’m not using my legs, so…JABARI TAKE THEM. A second ACL (A Cruel Ligament) tear for the 3rd year pro and a big part of the team’s success in 2016 (we’ll ignore the drop-off in 2017). When Jabari… Continue reading No More Deer Noises, Just Deer Medicine

It’s okay Atlanta (maybe)

To the sad and depressed fan – Do not charge at your TV, that’s going to be another 700 bucks to replace your brand new 55 inch curved Samsung. Yes your team choked, but that’s okay. Because if you’ve paid attention recently, that’s America. Walk through the door to the group therapy session for hard… Continue reading It’s okay Atlanta (maybe)