Ball Cancer

I think if you’re relatively active on checking your social media or sports news, you’ve probably heard of Lavar Ball. What’s even worse is that you only know his name and you don’t know the names of any of his children. But that’s not your fault, that’s Lavar’s fault. Now this guy and his family… Continue reading Ball Cancer

Bill Belichick’s conjoined triangles of success

  I’m a fan of HBO’s hit comedy Silicon Valley even though I despise the actual Silicon Valley itself and its bullshit culture. Seriously you walk into a coffee shop and any random douchebag who probably doesn’t even work in tech will swear that they can’t go back to their hometown of bumfuck Idaho because… Continue reading Bill Belichick’s conjoined triangles of success

Vivek Snek   3301 Hillview Ave. Palo Alto, CA. Turn into the parking lot and immediately you see a reserved parking spot labeled “49ers Hall of Famer”. This spot is reserved for the Director of Business Development. Inside the building are offices, each of them carrying The Two-Second Advantage: How We Succeed by Anticipating the Future‑… Continue reading Vivek Snek