The Modern Devaluation of Defense in Sports

Defense wins championships. Offense wins MVP. As we near the end of regular season basketball, the MVP of the National Basketball Association becomes more and more clear. Here’s a hint, it’s probably not going to be James Harden. It’s going to be the first guy who’s averaging a triple double since 1962. And he’s rightfully… Continue reading The Modern Devaluation of Defense in Sports


Nelson voice: Ha ha!

Raiders fans don’t be mad. Okay, be a little mad, but seriously think about it. Soooooo today marks the official decision of the NFL owners to approve Mark Davis and the Raiders’ relocation to Las Vegas. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right? Damn right, and here’s to the Raiders finding their permanent home… Continue reading Nelson voice: Ha ha!

Ball Cancer

I think if you’re relatively active on checking your social media or sports news, you’ve probably heard of Lavar Ball. What’s even worse is that you only know his name and you don’t know the names of any of his children. But that’s not your fault, that’s Lavar’s fault. Now this guy and his family… Continue reading Ball Cancer

Bill Belichick’s conjoined triangles of success

  I’m a fan of HBO’s hit comedy Silicon Valley even though I despise the actual Silicon Valley itself and its bullshit culture. Seriously you walk into a coffee shop and any random douchebag who probably doesn’t even work in tech will swear that they can’t go back to their hometown of bumfuck Idaho because… Continue reading Bill Belichick’s conjoined triangles of success

Free Agency Wars – Rescue Princess Kirk

  Look, I’m not the biggest Star Wars nerd, but if you’ve been alive for the past 15 years you probably know a little about it since society loves shoving it down our throats. Tons of parodies exist out there already so why did the NFL and Roger Goodell decide to pick this year of… Continue reading Free Agency Wars – Rescue Princess Kirk