Nelson voice: Ha ha!

Raiders fans don’t be mad. Okay, be a little mad, but seriously think about it.

Soooooo today marks the official decision of the NFL owners to approve Mark Davis and the Raiders’ relocation to Las Vegas. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right? Damn right, and here’s to the Raiders finding their permanent home there. If you’re a Bay Area resident like I am you probably have access to Bay Area sports radio, and if you’ve been tuning into said radio, you’ve probably heard tons and tons of angry calls. But I’m sitting here thinking, for what?

If someone can take your man/woman they’re doing you a favor.

If another city can take your football team they’re doing your city a favor. Mark Davis as an owner is a cheating thot, do you really want him in your city?

The past two years of rumors of the Raider’s relocation was basically like having your girlfriend/boyfriend continuously flirting in public and you knew the signs were coming but you stayed, Raiders fans. Yeah, yeah, the relationship has been spiced up the past two years with a smoking hot new quarterback and receivers and you thought that you could maybe save it long term with that slight sliver of hope— but guess what, someone else is going to be enjoying what was once yours every Sunday now.

You should have been mad two years ago. You should have done something when the announcement was first made. Your team was openly taking offers and you still decided to buy tickets and jerseys. I guess you can burn those jerseys to show your dismay now.

Seriously, don’t lose sleep today over a decision made years ago. You should have been vocal earlier if you cared about the team that much. But I guess you didn’t care enough then so why should you care now. Maybe when your team announces a year early that it’s leaving don’t buy tickets. Maybe when your significant other is openly flirting in public and telling everyone about the imminent breakup don’t continue the relationship. It’s okay though, we’ve all made the mistake of giving too much benefit of the doubt. I know that Jed York is probably creaming himself thinking of all the new fair-weather fans he will have. Don’t forget to swap your Carr jersey for a fresh Hoyer jersey.


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