Book ‘Em

“Therefore my people shall know my name: therefore they shall know in that day that I am he that doth speak­­­: behold, it is I.” – Isaiah 52:6

Phoenix Suns fans, it is currently March 24th and the Boston Celtics just handed your team its 51st loss. Tough pill to swallow I know, but tonight has been an amazing night regardless. I wouldn’t even consider this a silver lining. It’s a gold lining, a diamond lining if anything. We know the kid was going to be pretty good, but not this good.

He hath emerged. D Book. Swagged out version of Klay. Rosy cheeked assassin. Son of Melvin, Devin Armani Booker. First person to drop 70 since Kobe dropped 81 back in 2006. A lot of people including myself have been rooting for the guy  since his brilliant rookie campaign, and a lot more will be rooting for him after tonight.

Let’s not forget that this kid didn’t even start in any of his collegiate games. He was also picked #13 and is currently proving himself to be the second best player in that draft class with a chance to become the top player in the draft. Talk about a sleeper.

The Suns are very fortunate to have something a lot of teams don’t have, which is a clear cut player to build around. The guy is super talented, 20 years old and only getting better, and is clearly focused on basketball and can keep his composure on the court. A 70 point game comes once in a generation, let’s just hope their front office realizes this and gets him the help he deserves during the offseason.

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