Vivek Snek


3301 Hillview Ave. Palo Alto, CA. Turn into the parking lot and immediately you see a reserved parking spot labeled “49ers Hall of Famer”. This spot is reserved for the Director of Business Development. Inside the building are offices, each of them carrying The Two-Second Advantage: How We Succeed by Anticipating the Future‑ Just Enough. Almost every week during baseball season there are email raffles for Giants tickets, and once in a while there are email raffles for free Sacramento Kings gear. The company has millions and millions of dollars invested in a suite at Levis stadium that will last several years. This is a Silicon Valley technology company, but sports culture is very strong here. This is the house Vivek built.

Vivek Ranadive was born and raised in Mumbai, earned his bachelors and graduate degree from MIT, MBA at Harvard University. He’s a self-made entrepreneur who’s definitely earned his own, and rightfully so. But why is he such a fucking idiot when it comes to sports?

We all know sports owners are all pretentious rich assholes, and they’ve earned every right to behave the way they do, but boy oh boy are people from Silicon Valley something else.

When it comes to engineering, Vivek can be considered a unicorn and extremely innovative. That is the platform which allowed him to get into sports. But here’s an idea worth considering, Vivek: Basketball is nothing like engineering and running a startup.

We’ve all heard of the unfortunate news of the Kings trading away their franchise player Demarcus Cousins for Buddy Heild, a first round pick, and a couple of other scraps. I guess this is Vivek’s idea of “innovation” and trying to find the next unicorn player just as any angel investor in Silicon Valley would try to find the next unicorn startup. But guess what Vivek? You’re completely wrong. Special players are discovered by scouts who spent their whole lives in basketball, not tech companies. You wanted to keep Monta Ellis over Stephen Curry when you were a minority owner of the Warriors. 1- 2- 3 Nick Rocks. Mike Malone. You wanted to cherry pick in the big leagues, as if everyone else with years and years of basketball experience hasn’t tossed that idea in the trash can decades ago. The list of embarrassing moves goes on and on.

I will conclude this Sports Therapy segment in two parts. 1: A word of advice for Vivek- Let the basketball people do their basketball jobs and stop meddling or else everyone will lump you in the same class as Jed York and assume you to be a trust fund baby instead of a brilliant entrepreneur who saved Sacramento. Don’t bring Silicon Valley to a field that has nothing to do with Silicon Valley. 2: Therapy for the Kings fans: If Jerry Jones can strike gold with Dak and Zeke, maybe your guy might strike gold eventually, but not now with Buddy Hield. Keep fighting the good fight.

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