Time to get on that rebound, Oakley

Oakley. Oakley? Are we talking about the California based sun glasses manufacturer?

No, but you may have seen the name Charles Oakley appear on the news recently. More specifically, sports news. So who is he, and why is this such a big deal that it matters?

Charles Oakley is a household name when it comes to basketball in the 90’s. To put it in a very simple manner, he was a ten year veteran for the Knicks who played alongside other household names such as Patrick Ewing and Mark Jackson. Safe to say that the guy bleeds orange. He loves Knicks basketball.

To put this and recent news into context, if he loves the New York Knicks so much, why is he now banned from Madison Square Garden, the very place he planted his seeds to grow? He was abusive to the owner, James Dolan (owner of the Knicks) who has not led his team to any big splashes in recent years. He traded for Carmelo, Linsanity happened, but what else? Absolutely nothing to generate any positive buzz with the exception of the offseason.

I’ll be the first to give the guy credit. He makes an effort to bring people like Phil Jackson, Derrick Rose, and Joakim Noah into the organization. We’re talking about the guy who coached Shaq, Kobe, AND MJ. We’re talking about a former MVP and another former MVP candidate, both arguably somewhat in their primes (emphasis on the somewhat). Unfortunately it’s safe to say it’s a shit show in NYC and people aren’t happy.

In a way, Oakley was the voice of the frustrated New York fanbase. Every season creates optimism, only to have that very same optimism crushed by disappointment during the actual season. Oakley was caught intoxicated, verbally (and allegedly physically) abusing the owner, and being resistive towards security. This is something that most Knicks fans wish they did themselves, but didn’t have the balls or bail money or both. It was kinda justified, but not really.

So here’s where the doctor of Sports Therapy comes in. Oakley and Knicks fans, I definitely feel your pain of years and years of built up frustration and resentment. Your relationship with management is the equivalent of being in a relationship with a horrible person. You hate that person, your friends hate that person for what they put you through. But this person was your high school sweetheart. You’ve already spent years and years with them. You lost your virginity to them. Loyalty is a trait that you value and uphold with much pride.

But it might just be time to let it go.

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