These Cupcakes Contain a Special Ingredient- Love

Kevin Durant left Oklahoma City for a different reason than most people think.

Most people think he left because he and Westbrook couldn’t get along. But was that really the reason? Last Saturday, KD came back to OKC for the first time since he left the Thunder to join the rival team, Warriors. It was the first time he had been back in a different jersey after 8 seasons. Fans booed him and wore cupcake shirts to tell him that he’s soft. Little did it do because he ended up scoring 34 points on 12/21 shooting.

As the 2nd half started, during the 3rd quarter, Durant and Westbrook yelled at each other in the middle of a timeout. Nothing new here, the two don’t like each other anymore, we get it. However, later in the 3rd quarter Andre Roberson put a hard foul on Durant. The two started butting heads and both got technicals for it. Did Westbrook yell at KD during the timeout reminding him what they both had before Roberson came along? It’s pretty clear that KD left OKC because he didn’t want to deal with two guys that had a man crush on him. Roberson hard fouled KD in the 3rd because he got jealous of the relationship he and Westbrook had.

OKC, you guys got whooped but it’s ok(c!). You still have Westbrook, a team with a lot of depth, and a handful of up and coming players. The community is growing and KD is still a good guy. He still donates money to local OKC charities and hey just like Lebron, if he comes back, you would take him back with open arms. I know I would.

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