No More Deer Noises, Just Deer Medicine

You know what they say: If you don’t use them, you lose them. Well, at the moment I’m not using my legs, so…JABARI TAKE THEM.

A second ACL (A Cruel Ligament) tear for the 3rd year pro and a big part of the team’s success in 2016 (we’ll ignore the drop-off in 2017). When Jabari Parker got drafted, I was expecting an all-star basketball player who would bring the Bucks out of mediocrity, I was not expecting Milwaukee’s version of Derrick Rose. The 21-year old has been having a huge year setting career records in Points Per Game, Minutes Per Game, Assists Per Game, and even 3-point Percentage. Parker along with Adrian Peterson has set the bar HIGH for their uncanny healing prowess, but a re-aggravation CAN NOT be good and even Wolverine would be wincing at the thought of a 12-month rehab.

The timing could be not worse as the Bucks just got Khris Middleton returning from a six-month hiatus rehabilitating a hamstring injury (sorry Khris, I only have two legs). The starting court would have been ELECTRIC, but now has lost a spark and is just a tiny taser in a thunderous theater.

But Bucks fan have to keep looking to the future and not dwell on the fallen, but rejoice those who are standing. The team is still 5th place in the Central Division and their all-star starter Giannis Antetokounmpo is playing like he belongs; scratch that he does belong. This team is young, this season is young and anything can happen. “Fear the Deer” is in full force and every NBA team will have to swerve to avoid getting pinned by the antlers.


Photo credit: DeviantArt, 8dAyZaWeKe.

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