Land Before Time

Superbowl Sunday, the most celebrated (unofficial) holiday in the great United States. This year’s matchup features a familiar entity versus an unfamiliar aspect. The unstoppable force vs the immovable object.

Superbowl 51 is a day that will make fans proud and cement milestones. The Patriots will be looking forward to their 5th Super bowl title. The Falcons will be prospecting their 1st championship in franchise history and the right to be named “Atlanta’s Team.”

This game will be of great interest to me as a 49ers fan, but not with the same intentions as a Patriots or Falcons hopeful. Because as soon as regulation or overtime hits 00:00 and the final score is manifested, the 21st head coach of the San Francisco 49ers will be named. Win or lose, a certain former offensive coordinator of a certain Falcons team will have gained the same attention and support from me that the 49ers organization have given him.

The torch will be passed on and a new era in the Scarlet Empire will begin.

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