January 29th, minutes before the pro bowl. It’s been about a week or two that the extremely underwhelming combo of York-Marathe has delivered good news to the fans.

Yes, we were fortunate enough to have landed Kyle Shannahan but many questions remain.

Who will be our quarterback? GM? Defensive Coordinator? Will Bow have lost a step? What about the draft?! Do we trade down? Do we even want Garrett after that bowl game? The combine can’t come soon enough.

As me and my boy were sitting on the couch discussing young millionaires and our plans to retire early he gets a notification on his phone – John Lynch is the next GM of the 49ers.

Wait…… what?

Let’s backtrack through this entire staffing search that our ‘management’ team has lead us through.

Sean McVay wants us. Do we want him? Too bad, Rams got him. Who’s our next best guy, is it McDaniels? Yeah, I’d be cool with him. Nope, withdrew himself from consideration to stay with Tom Terrific and the Greatriots. Okay…..please don’t fucking hire Tom Cable, Jed, PLEASE?

Through the noise of the postseason hiring process we somehow ended up with many people’s first choice of head coach. But what about our GM? Surely Mr. Jed York has learned his lesson from the Harbaugh Baalke fallout that we need the two pillars of a successful team to mesh well long term.

Well, there are several great candidates available. Eliot Wolf and Brian Gutekunst of the Pack – seems like either of them would do a phenomenal job. The Packers are known for their home grown player development and Aaron Rodgers always seems to have weapons at his disposal. Terry McDonough and George Paton seem like they’ve had pretty good drafts as well. Several withdrawn considerations later we are left scratching our heads and playing the waiting game.

Fast Forward back to Sunday on the couch. What the fuck just happened. John Lynch? Okay, let’s not panic I think to myself. After all, he is better at being a broadcast analyst than Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. He’s Stanford Educated, led one of the best defenses of all time, and he’s a player so he should be able to relate. But one glaring fact sits there and remains – 0 years of experience in a front office setting. YOU KNOW NOTHING JON LYNCH.



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